Become a Certified Hazmat Specialist

Serving the good of the public as an EMT, nurse, doctor or other medical emergency personnel makes you an asset to any community, but having the extra edge of hazmat training is priceless. Acts of terrorism and injuries from hazardous chemicals can happen in any area of the country. Staying prepared is essential to ensuring that lives are saved in those moments. Be at the top of your game with a certification in hazmat patient care.

Needed Training in an Age of Terrorism

The world is becoming more unstable with radical views that are expressed through terrorist actions. It is increasingly common to see hazardous substances being used against crowds of people. The potential exist for this same activity to become widespread in America. There is a need to have a trained army of personnel that can quickly diagnose and begin treating patients exposed to hazardous chemicals. The earlier treatment can start, the more effective it will be.


The Reality of Bio-Chemical Hazards

No one wants to imagine the day that hazardous terrorist events happen on US soil, but 9-11 was a real game changing event. It proves that bad things can happen here and that everyone should be prepared. It is critical to have life-support and healthcare workers on the ground that are familiar with the signs and symptoms of chemical attacks. It can make a huge difference in the numbers of victims that survive.

Learning Life-Saving Techniques From the Best

Getting advanced training in a hazmat specialty from experts in the field of toxicology, pharmacology, EMS directors and experienced professors is life changing. You will be ahead of the pack in understanding exactly what you are facing in a time of extreme hazmat emergency. You will gain knowledge from every field that has had to deal with poisons and toxic materials. You will be able to quickly interpret signs of toxic exposure and begin to render effective aid.

Expand Your Knowledge to Save Lives

Not everyone has an interest in dealing with hazmat situations, but for the few that are, training is here that can make you an expert in the field. You will be called on to help provide additional training and emergency response when needed. It is an area that is constantly rewarded with ongoing life-saving knowledge that can be passed on to entire emergency departments.

Contact hazmat certification specialty instructors like and expand the horizons of your life-saving career.