Freshen Up Your Home With New Paint

If you’re looking for an quick, inexpensive way to give your home a fresh updated look, consider a coat of new paint. You can freshen up dirty, dingy walls, give your home a new color scheme, and make old, damaged areas look new again. A fresh coat of paint can quickly transform your home’s appearance with stunning design appeal.

Benefits of Painting Your Home

A fresh coat of paint offers numerous benefits for your home. Whether you paint the exterior or interior or both, new paint will give your home a clean, fresh appearance. Exterior paint will create an inviting entrance to your home, while interior paint will brighten up your rooms. Whether you keep your existing colors or select new colors for an updated look, new paint offers advantages:

* Increases Property Value – According to real estate studies, new paint can increase your home’s value by as much as $20,000. If you’re thinking about selling your home, fresh paint is essential to attract buyers and recoup your investment.


* Boosts Curb Appeal – Your home’s exterior is the first thing neighbors and guests see when they come to visit your home. New paint will boost curb appeal, give your home updated style, and create a welcoming entrance. Remember, “first impressions are lasting impressions.”

* Protects Exterior Surfaces – Painting exterior walls, trim and other surfaces will help protect your home from the outdoor elements, as well as termites, that can cause serious structural damage. Paint also prevents grime and dirt from becoming embedded in exterior surfaces.

* Protects Interior Surfaces – Painting interior walls, ceilings and trim will help these areas hold up better under normal wear and tear from family and pets. It will also protect surfaces from dirt, dust, grease, marks and stains that build up over time.

* Hides Imperfections – Few surfaces are smooth and perfect. Painting both interior and exterior walls, ceilings and trim will help to cover imperfections or damages that are difficult to remove or repair, especially in older homes that often have plaster walls.

* Extends Siding Lifetime – Quality siding should last up to 50 years, but daily exposure to the elements can cut down on that lifetime. Painting can make siding look new again, increase its durability, and save you money from replacement siding.

When it’s time for new paint, check free contractor leads in your area. For best long-term results, it’s best to hire a professional painter who can ensure a quality paint job with good paint and professional skills. It may cost you more up front than DIY efforts, but you’ll save time, effort and money in the end.