Hottest on trend furniture designs

Just as in clothing, there are trends in interior design. There are some we’d probably all rather forget (woodchip wallpaper, anyone?) but there are plenty of fashionable ideas for the home that won’t leave you cringing. From reproduction designer furniture to eye-catching sculptural designs, here’s our guide to the hottest furniture trends right now.

Hottest on trend furniture designs

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Sculptural drama

One of the biggest fashions in furniture is for pieces that are not only practical but stunning to look at too. This combination of function and form is evident in work from some of the industry’s up-and-coming designers. Pieces by designers such as Karim Rashid, Jake Phipps and Zaha Hadid exhibit strong sculptural components. This furniture is designed not just to be used but to be talked about, displayed as art and be admired.

Natural wonders

Furniture that takes inspiration from nature is always popular, not least because crafting pieces from wood and stone has an appealing element of bringing the outdoors inside. However, one of the most desirable furniture trends right now takes this to a whole new level with pieces that are actually grown in the shape of the finished article. Saplings of trees such as willow, hazel, ash and oak are grown around plastic moulds of the particular piece of furniture they are going to become. Once they have acquired the correct shape they are left to thicken until it is time to harvest and season them, resulting in each stunning piece being slightly different.

Retro classics

There are some designs that are so iconic that they stand the test of time. The modernist movement of the 1950s is one example of this, with the pieces created during this period still looking as fresh today as they did back then. The work of designers such as Arne Jacobsen, Le Corbusier and Charles and Ray Eames has produced some of the 20th century’s most remarkable furniture designs. The LC-4 chaise longue, the Eames Lounge chair and the Egg chair are instantly recognisable and still just as appealing as they when they were first introduced. To bring a touch of timeless modernism to your home choose reproduction designer furniture by Pash Living.

From strikingly unique tables fashioned from living wood to chairs paying tribute to the world’s best designers, try these hot furniture trends for your home.