How Happiness Leads to Good Health and Vice Versa

Happiness and good health are two of the many things that people continuously aspire to have. To fully understand how to achieve both, one needs to know their relation first.

Happiness has been linked to better health and greater well-being.  Likewise, good health leads to becoming more satisfied and happy with one’s lifestyle. Let’s explore in detail exactly how this happens.

How Happiness Affect Your Health

Numerous researches have proven that the person’s level of happiness has a great impact on his level of health. Being happy is the best way to combats stress and depression. When you are happy, it is easier to maintain good habits like exercising regularly, eating a balanced diet and getting an appropriate time of sleep.

How Happiness Leads to Good Health and Vice Versa

People with optimistic mindset have more likelihood of engaging in healthy behaviors. Being socially happy, for example, can help in encouraging a person to take his regular runs in the park. Experts perceive good mindset as one way to achieve whatever goal a person has.

Happy people are healthier because their immune system works effectively. They sleep better and eat better. Happiness also appears to make a person resistant to diseases, especially those which are heart-related. A depressed person is more likely to get Diabetes because their stress hormones can raise blood-sugar levels. Normal blood pressure and body weight are profiles associated with a person with a happy sense.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

The old adage “laughter is the best medicine” has become a cliché, but it does not mean it’s false. Laughter releases hormones that can improve your mood.

When you laugh, it allows the contraction of certain muscles in your body, which, in turn, stimulates the heart and lungs to release hormones called endorphins. That release would set off a cascading event of good biological happenings inside your body. Endorphins are chemicals which are responsible for inducing pleasure will activate receptors on the endothelium. It will lead to the release of nitric oxide, which will widen the blood vessels. Thus, it will increase the blood flow, lessen the inflammation, inhibits platelet clumping and reduce the formation of cholesterol plaque.

How Good Health Leads to Happiness

On the other hand, being healthy makes a person happy. Good health means you do not need to suffer chronic physical pains brought about by any disease. You can save money on doctors, drugs, and hospital bills. Thus, you can spend those saved time and money on more meaningful things.  You can stretch yourself and do things which would otherwise be impossible for the sick, such as mountaineering and other extreme activities.

What’s more is that with a healthy body, you can enjoy your hobbies, engage in sports, and explore and travel the world. These things are life’s greatest source of happiness. By being healthy, you will have a lot of energy and vitality to chase happiness. By not being ill, you will appreciate life more and live it to the fullest.

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Final Thoughts

Happiness and good health go hand in hand. If you are happy, then your health is in good shape. If you are healthy and you are living a life free from the constriction of illness, then you are living happily.