How to choose your bumper stickers?

For decades, political bumper stickers have made their way onto vehicles. Travel anywhere in the United States and you will pass several different expressions of American’s political beliefs. Whether good, bad or indifferent, many people still enjoy the freedom certain messages allow them to express.Some stickers are official campaign gear, while others are specially designed and sold at rallies and protests of “the other side.” Each one serves the same purpose, which is to let others know where you stand on political issues.Forest P. Gill, a Kansas silkscreen printer, is credited with inventing the bumper sticker in the 1940s.

According to some sources, Gill’s invention was to ensure the sticker remained attached to the bumper of a car. By the 1950s, stickers were widespread with the first version for a presidential campaign printed in 1956 for Dwight Eisenhower.Who Still Uses Bumper Stickers?The best description for a person who still uses these stickers are impassioned individuals. They are fully committed to a cause and want to make sure their beliefs are seen and heard as often as possible. Placing an attention-grabbing sticker on the bumper of their vehicle is a very good way to accomplish this.In addition, being affiliated with a particular political party, or in some cases disapproving, wins over the hearts of people who want to be associated with a certain group.


Using stickers are a way to advertise for or against a political cause.Vehicle Appeal for Political ExpressionMost likely, you are familiar with the etiquette of not discussing politics or religion at dinner parties. Nevertheless, your vehicle is a good place to have the discussion without saying a word. The message on the back of your vehicle is how you voice your position. You are not obligated to engage in a discussion with anyone who disagrees.Typically, this relates to our thought processes with moral and political beliefs. Slogans on a bumper sticker become that emotional conduit to express conclusions we draw about different political topics.While there are literally thousands – perhaps millions – of bumper stickers you can buy to express your beliefs, a great one will have essential characteristics.

Beginning with some type of connection to previous communications about a particular person or subject. Anyone who reads it and is familiar with the issue automatically recognizes what you are stating.In a few short words, you can get your point across without starting a battle of words with friends, family or coworkers.