Recovery from an illness or some form of addiction

When we are in recovery from an illness or some form of addiction, one of the best things we can do for ourselves is to be open to change and healing. A closed mindset often separates us from the thoughts and activities that we need to maintain and develop in order to help us continue to grow because the journey to health and wellness always begins in the mind.

When we are in recovery it’s important that we are gentle and loving in terms of how we deal with ourselves. We shouldn’t pressure ourselves to do anything before we are truly ready and often we need not do more than rest and make sure that we are eating well. It’s important to handle our mind’s and body’s with kid gloves until we are ready to move beyond where we are.

Recognizing Limits
If we are recovering from some form of addiction it may be necessary to set limits for ourselves or even avoid certain people, places, and things altogether. Until we are strong enough to resist temptation it’s a good idea to avoid situations that would force us to have more strength than we currently have.

Recovery Concept.

The Rx for Healing
Regardless of what we may be struggling with, the prescription for healing is basically the same in terms of how healing can be approached. Even a person who has had a history of stealing should avoid situations where he or she may be tempted to take something that doesn’t belong to them. If they spot a dji matrice drone laying in someone’s yard they may need to walk the other direction if that’s what it takes to prevent a relapse. We must be willing to be advocates for our own health and wellness and that may mean avoiding things that could cause us to fall.

Recovering from any sickness or addiction is not easy for anyone. More often than not, you have to avoid situations that caused you to fail in the first place until you get stronger. As long as you are gentle and set limits for yourself you will be on the road to continued growth and healing.