Simple solutions to avoid or fix a flat tire

You have a flat tire while you were on your way to an important meeting? Do you worry: here’s a quick way to hit the road in no time.Automotive

Check and adjust tire pressure

Even when properly installed, is a right tire deflated over time, and colder temperatures can cause a drop in tire pressure. Keeping tires at the correct pressure keep you safe and will save you money. Consider that the life of a tire can be reduced by 75% if it is inflated to only 80% of its maximum pressure.

  • The optimum tire pressure is usually listed in the manual supplied with the vehicle on a sticker inside the driver’s door or flap in the cap of the fuel tank.
  • Measure the pressure in each tire at least once every two weeks by using an accurate pressure gauge. Most petrol stations have a combined device which measures the pressure and inflates the tire at the same time. Your tires should be as fresh as possible when making the measurement. Avoid driving the car and more than a minute or two to the gas station because the friction will heat the rubber of the tire. Do not forget to check the pressure of the spare tire (if you have one).

Warning: always replace your valve caps after your tires inflated. These play an important role in the exclusion of water and debris, both of which may affect the operation of the valve.

Fix a flat tire when you’re on the road

A puncture does not necessarily mean buying a new tire. You might be able to get it repaired for a fraction of the cost of a replacement. The tires can be repaired as long as the puncture is in the main area of ​​the tread of the tire, and you have not driven long on the flat or partially deflated tire.

  • If you have a flat tire while driving, you will hear the sound of flapping or your vehicle will pull to the left or right. Stop as soon as possible to a safe place on a flat, stable surface. Do not be tempted to go to your destination because you may damage the tire and wheel.
  • If you have a spare tire in your vehicle, you can be called a roadside assistance or changed the flat tire yourself. If you change the flat tire yourself, you must follow the instructions in your vehicle owner’s manual.
  • Today, many cars are not equipped with a spare tire, but instead of a device containing a sealant you inject through the tire valve. You then use a bottle of compressed gas to inflate the tire. This is not a permanent repair; drive your vehicle to a qualified professional to check your tire.

Repair your tire as soon as possible

  • A screw or nail can fit in without your tire deflate. Do not ignore the problem; the nail may move while you are driving and suddenly to burst the tire.
  • Roll rather slowly until the next garage to remove the nail. If the tire remains strong, you will have lost little; it deflates, you are in the best place to get it fixed quickly.