Simple Tricks To Stay Active In The Office

If you are like most Americans, you are probably stuck at some desk staring at a computer screen for about eight hours a day. With all that sitting, it is hard to make any drastic changes to your health. Studies are also finding that sitting for extended periods of time is actually a risk factor for poor health and premature death. Many of these conditions are preventable and if you are already feeling a little sluggish and worn out it might be time to see a doctor. Franconia family medicine is always a great place to get started and ask questions.HealthOffice Layout

One way you can get active in the office is by forcing yourself to move. In stead of having everything you need within arms reach, move it to places that require you to get out of your chair. Try to organize your desk or office with the phone, or often-accessed files as far as possible, that way when you need to use them you will be forced to stand up. It is ideal to stand up once every ten minutes, to restore circulation and give your back a break.

Office Furniture

Sitting in a big comfy office chair, takes away from correct posture. You should opt for a more rigid chair with no armrest, this forces you to constantly adjust your body to keep your back tall and upright. This constant movement keeps your active while you are sitting. Another good alternative is using an exercise ball as a chair. The exercise ball can do two things; it is constantly engaging your core to keep your body active while sitting and you can also bounce on it for extra movement. Another great choice is having a standing workstation. This is hard to adjust to, so maybe try alternating an hour with a chair and an hour standing up.

Office Communication

Sometimes you might want a change of scenery, which is understandable after sitting at a desk for hours. A great way to do this is changing up your means of communication. If you need to email one of your coworkers you should get up and walk to their desk to relay a message instead of sending them an email. The same can be done with phone calls, do not rely on technology to communicate and you will immediately see a difference in your health and activity levels. You can also see if it is working by wearing a pedometer every day.

Office Exercises

If your office is not flexible to some of the previous tips like changing your space around or changing your chair then there are a multitude ofexercises that can be done at your desk to improve mobility. You can work out multiple parts of your body like your arms, feet, legs and even your core all by sitting in a chair. It is great if you challenge one of your coworkers to competitions about chair exercises, it makes it fun and also gives you a little motivation.