Why Fluidizing Makes Sense

The reasons why anyone involved in the mixing of cement would want to use a quality fluidizer are many. Fluidizing the equipment offers many great benefits that can positively affect the bottom line of any company. Here are just a few of the benefits that one can expect to see.

The storage capacity that is active is increased by a large percentage when fluidizing products are used. This means that the costly process of filling the mixer is reduced because more product can be put into the mixer at any one time.

Why Fluidizing Makes Sense

There will also be a noticeable increase in the rate at which the product is transferred. This increases productivity that the mixer can deliver and helps to increase the final amount of finished product that can be used.

Any dry cement that is stuck to the sides of the mixer is easily retrieved by using a quality product that fluidizes the inside of the blending mechanism. This equates to all product that is put into the mixer being able to be used. There will be no more “leftovers”, thereby increasing the bottom line of the company and maximizing available profits.

The amount of energy that needs to be used to blend and mix is also reduced. This is because the efficiency of the compressed air being used to force the dry product through the mixer is maximized. With the rising costs of energy, this is a grand boon to the company that chooses to use fluidizing machinery.

Studies have shown that the chute reaches are increased and the angle of the air slide is actually decreased by a factor of 50%. This is great news for companies looking to maximize space while at the same time also increasing realistic productivity.

As can be seen, there are no solid reasons why a company involved in the mixing of dry cement or other goods would not want to use a mechanism that fluidizes their product. It may cost upfront but the return on investment cannot be argued. The purchase will more than make up for itself in short time.